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Looking for help with the stubborn strains on your rugs? Would just like to have your carpets refreshed and freed of any dirt and allergen build-up? Looks like you need a visit from our professional rug cleaners. Despite the nature of the stain we are dealing with, and the material your carpets are made of, we guarantee immaculate results. If the stain can be removed, we will remove it! Our trained cleaning technicians will bring along the needed tools and eco-friendly stain removing products, offering you the most detailed and effective carpet cleaning available in London. Just call us on 020 3746 3065 now and enjoy spotless rugs!

7 Great Benefits to Enjoy With Our Carpet Cleaners in London

We know that your home is your fortress and being welcomed by an immaculate property is what every home owner deserves. With our effective carpet cleaning services in London your rugs and carpets will receive the treatment they need and deserve to look their best again. We offer a detailed cleaning service that includes stain pre-treatment, deep fabric clean and affordable stain protection. Also:

  • We can be with you at day and time of your choice. We work on weekends and bank holidays as well
  • Our company offers many more great services. With our regular domestic cleaning you will always enjoy an immaculate home. And if your green space is in need of attention, book our gardening services
  • Order a few of our services at the same time and make great savings with our special deals
  • We are a company dedicated to protecting clients, and cleaners, health, and aim at using eco-friendly cleaning products
  • We have successfully removed oil, red wine, blood, food, paint and other stains
  • Our cleaners know how to treat carpets made by natural and man-made fabrics, as well as antique rugs
  • Your rug will be treated with a cutting edge cleaning tools

Proven Rug Cleaning Techniques

Even if you regularly vaccum the rugs and carpets in your home, allergens, stains and dirt tend to stubbornly stick to the fibres, causing allergies, red, itchy eyes and sneezing. Our carpet cleaners in London are trained in performing deep fibre clean, removing pollutant of the very base of your soft flooring. We perform:

  • Steam cleaning – highly recommended for carpets made by natural fibres. Using a professional hot water extraction tool we will insert cleaning detergent to the very base of the rug and will then extract it along all pollutants
  • Dry cleaning – guarantees top results when treating rugs made by man-made fabrics. We will evenly spray non-toxic dry powder on the carpet surface, will insert it deep between the fibres using fine rakes, and will then extract it along impurities, attached to its molecules

Hire the London Carpet Cleaning Experts

Call 020 3746 3065 now and get your carpets refreshed and looking great! Or, use our instant chat feature and online form to contact us while surfing the net. Call day and night, we are always open. Receive free quotes, help making a booking and answers to your questions, no matter how you get in-touch with our advisers.